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Michael Redd

Michael Redd is a Great NBA Player that is also a great Christian! He is the son of a Pastor and God has definitely blessed him with incredible athletic skills. He is a bonafide star on the court, yet he is also a star off of the court with the incredible work that his foundation is doing in many communities across the nation. His website will reveal much about him, and he is definitely a black dreamer!


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Lauren Hudson

Lauren Hudson is a black dreamer! She has an awesome website which is Dreamers and Doers.Com that seeks to motivate those of every walk of life, particularly people of color!

She is an Emmy Award winning Television News Reporter, Celebrity Interviewer, Author and Cancer Survivor. Most recently, she was named “The International Princess of Happiness.” Lauren shares a unique message of insight, information and inspiration. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious as she creates an experience that encourages audiences to grow through challenges – embrace life – and find Happiness in the midst of it all. When Lauren speaks…Audiences Listen, Learn and Enjoy!
Lauren has developed key strategies for harnessing personal potential-based on her own experiences (from bankruptcy to breast cancer), along with the thousands of people she has interviewed as an Emmy Award Winning Television News Reporter. Her humor and ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ style leads others towards personal and professional development.

Dreamers and Doers.Com

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