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Kevin Bracy is a Black Dreamer!

Kevin Bracy is a Black Dreamer! Enjoy the first clip of Kevin Bracy speaking at The Potter’s House in Dallas,Texas! The procedding clips are of this great black dreamer!

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Tori Brown is a Black Dreamer!

Ann Tori Brown is the Diva of Motivation. She inspires thousands of youth and women around the world, and she is a Black Dreamer!

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Ty Howard is a Black Dreamer!

Ty Howard is a Black Dreamer! Ty Howard speaking on Break the Chains for BAE Systems Black History Program Celebration.

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Les Brown is a Great Black Dreamer!

Les Brown is a Great Black Dreamer! These video clips should encourage any black dreamers that are out there!

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Secrets to Success

Eric Thomas speaks about the Secrets to Success and in the later 2 clips he speaks about Breaking the Cycle to a group of inmates! Brother Eric Thomas is a Black Dreamer!

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Message to Black Dreamers: Haters Can’t Kill Your Dream!

Haters Can’t Kill Your Dream! Pastor Stephen F. Smith gives his perspective on the trials of Joseph in this audio. He speaks on how Joseph overcame each of them by trusting in God and doing what’s right!

Black Dreamers Haters Can’t Kill Your Dreams!

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Senator Barack Obama Speaks to Black Fathers on Father’s Day!

Senator Barack Obama Speaks to Black Fathers on Father’s Day! Senator Barack Obama addressed the congregation at the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago, IL on Father’s Day, June 15, 2008. His speech is a big help to any Black Dreamer!

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